Personal Style….? I need some help!


October 18, 2011 by dairycarrie

Earlier today I read this post about trading heels for wellies  and it got me thinking about my own “personal style”. I have never been one for high heels. I do however have a lot of boots. A. Lot. Of. Boots. I own flip flops, tennis shoes, some heels because every girl needs them and boots. I am generally a tshirt and jeans kind of girl and I am glad that when I go into my office all I have to do is grab a polo provided to me and clean jeans and go. No thinking and very little matching required. But what about when a farm girl needs or wants to get dressed up? Then what? I am severely lacking in clothes that run between farm fab, concert shirts and all out dressed up in dresses. The kind of thing that you wear out on a Saturday night to a bar that doesn’t include a crop report and neighborhood gossip within 5 minutes of stepping in the door. So what is holding me back from filling that part of my wardrobe? I have no clue what to buy! What fits my style, what fits my body and what fits “me” seem to be out of reach. The funny thing is what I like the look of, is pretty much the opposite of what I wear everyday.

I don’t always accessorize with a calf, but when I do I prefer crossbreeds.

This is my on farm look. Jeans, layered fleeces and a hat. Note, that is not a John Deere hat. It’s a Justin Boots hat, I got it free with a pair of boots. The blue milking gloves really make the outfit.

When I go out I never have a bad time!

Look it’s jeans, long sleeve shirt and a concert shirt!…. and some empty shot glasses. Apple pie if I remember correctly.

Anyways… As much as I love jeans I would also like to look and feel good when I go out.

Oh the glamour!

My little secret… I love pinup! I love the overly girly, makeup on, hair did, glam look. If I had a team of people at my beck and call I would be 50’s glam everytime I pulled out of my driveway. I dont have that team of people so I guess I will stick to the glam look on rare special occasions.

My big question is, what do I wear in between these levels? I am trying to expand my closet. What have you found lately? Favorite wardrobe pieces? Help! I just bought these two items to show that I mean business.

Hey, they aren’t blue jeans!


These ones are gray… I’m trying I swear!


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18 thoughts on “Personal Style….? I need some help!

  1. Deb says:

    This was a fun read, Carrie, and thanks for linking to my Wellies post! I will keep checking back to see what kinds of fashion tips you get… Deb K

  2. Steph says:

    Well Carrie I wish I had some sound advice to give you lol. But as a person who also spends majority of the time outside on the farm my attire is pretty close to yours. Although I usually wear a Carhart coat which I highly recommend for the snowy weather, it sure keeps the cold out, footwear I like my Earth Shoes from Walmart, throw on a pair of rubbers and then I am good to go. 🙂 Jeans, sweatshirt, and t-shirts.. I think we dress alike. 🙂 I guess I would have to say what is kind of popular would be the Columbia’s which are a fleece type of shirt, very warm as well. My sisters tend to layer tanktops with tshirts I guess that is what is in at school.. a bit more work and laundry though. I would say whatever you feel comfortable in and what you like to wear is what matters most… 🙂 At least that is what I do because you just never know when you have to run outside real quick.. with “good” clothes on and soon to become dirty than planned! Im curious to see what others post as well 🙂

  3. I could help! But I’m like…the opposite side of things. Since I started out as a city girl (for 22 years of my life!) fashion and clothes has always been huge to me. In high school I was the girl who wore high heels almost every day (yes, I know, I’m embarrassed by that fact), but now working out at my grandpa and uncle’s calf ranch has brought me to the more casual side of things. So now I wear jeans, tee shirts, baseball caps and boots to work everyday. But I still love love LOVE getting dressed up to go out on weekends. But you might think my style is too out there…because sometimes it is! But if you have any questions, I really could try to help!

    PS I’ve never heard of apple pie shots before…yum!!!!

    • DairyCarrie says:

      Believe it or not, I was born a city girl too. But I wasn’t ever a girly girl. I struggle the most with some of the trends… 80’s neon? No thanks. I mean really? So I guess that means I am looking for some style tips that are a little more on the classic side then trendy side. Any help is appreciated!

      • 80’s neon was a bit much! Jodi, below me, mentioned Pinterest. Definitely check that out! Under the “fashion” category. Sometimes they have really crazy, out there stuff, but they have a lot of cute style “inspiration boards” where they show an entire outfit. Most of those inspiration boards are really simple, classy outfits consisting of cute bottoms, simple tees and a cute accessory like a scarf or something. That way you can see options of styles you’d like, but also get visuals once you find styles you like, of what to look for when shopping. Good luck! Make sure you tell me about your finds!

  4. Jodi says:

    Super cute read! My secret for fun outfit ideas is Pinterest! The site and my friends always keep me up on great little outfits for whatever season.

  5. nina says:

    My dress up look is basically a fancier, blingier version of the layered t’s, western or flannel shirts and jeans I wear daily with a nicer pair of boots. You have a good start with the “fancier” jeans! Now add some fancy western shirts with pearl snaps and details. I wear a matching ruffled neck tank under them to add warmth in the winter, and to prevent boobage spill. Some cute long sleeved t’s that are scoop neck with fitted sleeves. A cute vest or velvet jacket can dress it up or down. I wish I had a real computer so I could send you some links, it is hard to do stuff like this on a phone!

  6. nina says:

    Also the western wear sites have some adorable dresses that can be worn with boots and dressed up or down depending on jacket, jewelry, etc.

  7. Ferreh Hiatt says:

    I have the same general wardrobe, but last year after I lost 100 pounds I decided to get some nicer clothes for when I went out. I went to Target and Kohls for some nice sweaters and tops in my “signature colors”: blue, charcoal, black, and some brown or orange. Basic, earthy colors that I could mix and match and looked good with a nice pair of jeans. I also sprung for a nice pair of tall boots with a heel – they dress up an oufit. Oh, and I got one really cute pair of black heels that look good with a skirt/dress or with jeans.

  8. missduffys says:

    I love pinterest, but I am challenged too. I can buy cute things, but end up putting them together in a hurry, and it never quite looks right.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Jodi made me get on Pinterest too. She even had a speech about finding a good outfit, printing the pics, take it to the mall and just find the pieces. She guarantess they are all there. I’m skeptical. But I took her advice on opening an account.

    All looking good takes is time and money, my challenge is justifying the investment of those two items into a look. Good luck with this one!

  10. I think what some of the other people said about looking on Pinterest and Polyvore is a good start to finding out what you like. What appeals to you. Take a look at an outfit and pick out pieces that you like. I think the jeans you’ve bought are a good start. Maybe some cute tops to go with it and some boots even, plus some accessories to dress it up! You will have it made! Don’t be afraid to mix and match fashion. Try it out and figure out what looks good TO YOU! The way that I see it, there really aren’t any “rules” to fashion. I just put things together and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Take a night to simply put outfits together, try things that you may have never thought to put together. You never know when you’re going to find something new. I just suggest don’t be all of one kind of thing. Like if you’re going for a pin-up inspired look, don’t look like a girl out of a magazine. Tone it down a bit and use a few elements to “hint” to that pin-up look. I hope this helps!

  11. I think my style has evolved. I am still learning and modifying. I don’t follow rules. I break them and I also go for COMFORT. That said the last few years I’ve been trying to build a “wardrobe” that I can build on. It’s a learning experience. For example, I build a few high quality items that I can accessorize and change up with cheap items I find at TJ Maxx, etc. LOVE this blog post!

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