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November 22, 2011 by dairycarrie

Yesterday was Trudy’s service. As is the custom in our area after the graveside service we all headed to a local community center and had a meal together. The food, ham sandwiches, salads, cookies and bars was the same meal i’ve had at many a funeral luncheon. It’s also a meal i’ve had many times during the week for lunch. It’s nothing fancy, gourmet or trendy. There is no special ingrediant that makes it any different from any other meal that I have had in my life. However, this meal was able to comfort me, it was able to provide comfort for many. How is it that such simple food can comfort after a loss? Of course the answer is that the food itself doesn’t provide the comfort, however the meal, the act of sitting down, eating and talking with friends and family helps to heal.

I took some inspiration from my friend Janice (@jplovescotton) and asked my friends what “Food Thanks” means to them. I heard back from several, here is a little sample…

Al, Agvocate and Marketing Guy (@Al_Winmill) -… it means i’m not hungry and there are a lot of people who make that happen. farmers, ranchers, people that work at the grocery store, people that work at restaurants, my boss for paying me to pay for nice things to eat….

Lori, Single Mom, Working Woman and Student (I think!) – What better way to show people you care and are thankful that they are part of your life than to cook, make, create food for them. To take the time to make something by hand for your loved ones.

Liz, Mother, Wife and working woman says- Pretty sure I snagged Brook through his stomach, but in all honesty food brings people together… I also feel a nice dinner out can show someone that does most or all of the cooking that you’re appreciated and deserve to be catered to. And hell without farmers/ranchers we wouldn’t have all those tasty noms!

Kelly, Student and Agvocate (@KMRivard) – ‎#foodthanks, to me, is a peace of mind. We can’t always be sure where our next meal will be coming from, but we can rest assured that there are affordable options. I can buy more expensive, if I can afford it, or I can have the confidence in knowing that our food system creates low-cost alternatives when I need them.

Terri, Neighbor and Animal Rescue Angel – ‎#foodthanks to me is looking at my pantry shelves and seeing all those gleaming jars of homecanned food just waiting to be turned into something yummy!

Darin, Agvocate ,Data Dude and Farmer (@kansfarmer)-  To me #foodthanks is about celebrating the incredible diversity of the large number of food choices we have today as well as the diverse and wide-ranging number of jobs in this industry called agriculture that are involved in delivering food to the plate.

Stephany, Dairy Farmer- Being blessed with good food, family, and friends everyday of the year.

Cathy, Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma and former Farmer-  To me Food Thanks means being grateful that I am able to eat good, nutritious food every day, I appreciate the hard work of those who provide it for us and do what I can to help others have enough to eat as well.

Mike, Agvocate and Farmer (@farmerhaley)- I am thankful for several things, 1: butchers and processors that prepare turn the raw materials into food 2: companies that make sure I have resources available to grow my crops 3: cooks that prepare my food, and can’t forget the most important: the individuals that are grateful for the food they eat everyday!

Pat, Mother, Grandmother and Dairy Farmer- Food Thanks : I am thankful to live in a country that has an abundant supply of food, and an economic system that enables the food to get to the people at a reasonable price

Michele, Agvocate and Speaker (@mpaynknoper)- This year I’m giving Foodthanks for the wide array of folks that make our agrifood system what it is.

So all of this gets down to what Food Thanks means to me…..

I am thankful to be able to share a meal with friends and family. Be it for comfort, celebration or just because. I am thankful for the people who make food happen. Farmers, Ranchers, Scientists, Truck Drivers, Butchers, Grocers, Big Ag, Small Ag, Organic, Conventional, Family Farms, Corporate Farms, Researchers, Professors, Agvocates who help spread the message of what it means to give Food Thanks and maybe most of all I am thankful for people who comment, ask questions and strive to learn more about how food gets from farm to plate. Without people who question, learn, read and research this blog wouldn’t exist.   For more #FoodThanks blogs check out

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

2 thoughts on “Food Thanks.

  1. Steph says:

    What a great post…. looks like we all have something to be thankful about. Reading everyones’ thankfullness brought tears to my eyes today. Thankful for all the hardworking people that make life liveable 🙂

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