Tiger on the prowl in Wisconsin! …. Wordless Wednesday


November 30, 2011 by dairycarrie

Wasn’t sure how to follow up the popularity of my last post. I figure the only thing the internet likes more than freaks is cute kittens with bad spelling. My cats are old, fat and have perfect spelling and grammar. So this morning while I was doing chores I came across this scene and decided to share. It’s got cute covered, Gretta, Star, Kitty and Bugs are about as cute as calves come and the drama of a tiger on the prowl ought to catch attention! (Check out my story about these girls mom’s before and after calving)

So as you may have figured out Tiger is a chicken. She is a Silkie, a bantam (miniature) breed of chicken that has funky looking feathers that look more like fur than feathers. We have about 20 chickens of different breeds we like them all but Tiger is a favorite. Every morning when I feed calves I dump out their grain from the previous day and give them fresh. Every morning, April-December (snow+chickens=no good)  Tiger is there when I do this so that she can pick at the grain and have herself a gourmet snack. I’ve even found her perched on the calf pails and helping herself to their grain if she decides she hasn’t got her fill from what I dumped. Silly chicken!

Having breakfast with Nora this summer.

Our herd of chickens out grazing for bugs. In case you didn't know, chickens are NOT vegetarians!


One thought on “Tiger on the prowl in Wisconsin! …. Wordless Wednesday

  1. Very cute picture. When I was a student arLSU my son and I wold often go visit the calves at the dairy.

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