Hey, Hey, Hay! Hay Drive Update!


December 5, 2011 by dairycarrie

Thank you all for your help so far. But there is still more to do!

So I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t done a good job at keeping everyone up to date on the Waupun Equipment Hay Drive. I took some time and pulled together some photos from both ends of the trip so far. We have delivered 6 loads of hay so far. The three loads of hay delivered to Blair Oklahoma have helped over 20 small beef producers in the area. In Windthorst Texas, dairy farmers have felt their burdens lift a little as the 3 loads of hay sent there have been distributed.

I want to thank everyone who has donated money, hay, resources or said a prayer to help us out. We are still planning on sending at least 2 more loads of hay that have been donated. We are still asking for monetary donations to make this happen. Please, if you have a little extra you can give check out the hay drive website.

A special thanks to Progressive Dairyman Magazine and High Plains Journal (Check out the Harvest Heroes Video) for the stories that they have ran about the hay drive. Both articles focused on my part but there is no way that this could have happened without Waupun Equipment and everybody else who has helped out. The Fabulous Farm Babe, Channel 3 and Jessica Arp and all of our local papers and radio stations have been amazing. I am blown away by the outpouring of support that this idea received. I’ve said it before, I had thought that sending one or maybe two loads of hay would be a really great thing. The level that this has grown to is a testament to the wonderful people that  have felt it was also in their power to help.

I believe it was His inspiration that made this happen, but the perspiration of many is what is making the wheels turn.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, Hay! Hay Drive Update!

  1. Steph says:

    Glad the hay drive is such a success 🙂 Many hands make light work! Thanks to everyone involved!

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