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January 12, 2012 by dairycarrie

If you haven’t yet… Meet Stoney Larue. You’re Welcome.

Cross Canadian Ragweed has disbanded. However Cody Canada the lead singer is now fronting The Departed.


So if you’ve seen this post you may have already figured out that I tend to like music that doesn’t get played on the radio too often, or at least it doesn’t up here in Wisconsin. Several years ago I found myself in Fort Worth for work and I had a free night. That night happened to coincide with the a CD release party at Billy Bob’s for Cross Canadian Ragweed. I had heard two of their songs on the radio up here a few years before that and decided to go check them out. I fell in love with the band and with an entire Genre of music, Red Dirt. I have long felt that most radio music has been polished past the point of being good and I am a huge fan of a guy with a little gravel in his voice. Throw in an acoustic song and I am over the moon!  If your favorite singer doesn’t have an acoustic record or at least some acoustic videos on YouTube …. well that just says something doesn’t it?

Anywho… I do listen to the radio and have songs that I like that you have heard of but I would rather introduce you to some new music. So check out these videos and let me know what you think! Please give me your suggestions of who I should check out, I love new music!






3 thoughts on “Going Acoustic …

  1. There is no alternative to live music especially if it music you love.

  2. […] you are googling “Cody Canada” and you ended up here, cool! Welcome!  Same for you folks who are looking for “Matt […]

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