Bed & Breakfast #Wordless Wednesday


January 25, 2012 by dairycarrie

Someone decided the barn cats needed their own little bed in the parlor. So now the cats can snooze in comfort until breakfast is ready. What is the barn cat's breakfast you ask? Milk, of course!

3 thoughts on “Bed & Breakfast #Wordless Wednesday

  1. Mandy Deveno says:

    Who would leave a cat bed in the barn? lol

  2. Steph says:

    Love this picture! Reminds me of last night when I looked into the compressor house (for cooling the milk) and found about 6 cats in there warming up! It wasn’t even that cold out!! I was sure wishing I had my camera outside at the moment, going to try to catch them tonight! Our cats usually head for the garbage and sleep on a stack of strings, it is unbelieveable how many can squeeze in there!

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