Sunny Day Snapshots #WordlessWednesday


February 8, 2012 by dairycarrie

It has been an odd winter here in Wisconsin. Very little snow and very few bitter cold days. I am certainly not complaining! Today is bright and sunny so I thought I would snap a few photos to share with you all.

Our “Dry” cows are enjoying a little breakfast. A dry cow is a cow that isn’t producing milk because she is getting ready to calve.

Rumchata is a Jersey crossed with, well to be honest I’m not sure what she is crossed with, but she is pretty tiny. As you can see, the Holstein cow in the background is a lot bigger! I am patiently waiting for RumChata to have her calf. Since I bought her at an auction I have no idea when her due date is but it should be coming soon.

There’s always one kid who has to make a weird face in the class photo. This silly heifer is Nermal, she’s the daughter of Norma, the cow featured on the top of my blog.


Our garden gnome finally made it out of the snowbank and back on his feet.

Hope you are able to enjoy the weather today where ever you are reading this blog from!

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5 thoughts on “Sunny Day Snapshots #WordlessWednesday

  1. Steph says:

    Great pictures today Carrie, thanks for sharing them! Always something neat seeing the animals lined up and eating, I know I have taken a few like that myself. Nermal is such a neat looking heifer, I bet you can’t wait til she gets to be in the milking herd! RumChata she sure is a pretty interesting looking heifer!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her color, I think that is one of the neatest things about cross breeds is the different color combos. I guess that is something with most dairy cattle I don’t think any of them ever look the same and it kind of is nice to have a little different. I hope that she turns out great for you and has a pretty little heifer calf 🙂 Glad to see the gnome has melted his way out of the snow! Loving this WI weather, will hear no complaints from us.

    • DairyCarrie says:

      Thanks Steph! Nermal is due to calve in April, I have her bred to a Jersey but she is having a bull calf. You’re right though, I am super excited to see if Nermal will be as good of a cow as her mom is. RumChata is a neat girl too. I love the brindle stripes. Norma has them too but nowhere near as many as RumChata has. When I bought RumChata I thought she might be a Jersey Normande cross like Norma because Normande cows have those brindle marks, but i’m not certain that’s what she is now that I have her home. Keeping my fingers crossed that she has an easy calving and is a good milker.

  2. i saw Angus x Jersey colored like RumChata.

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