Winter is here…


March 2, 2012 by dairycarrie

The girls are having an early dinner. A few of the new heifers think it’s ok to stand on their dinner plate to eat. We need to do something to discourage this behavior.

This heifer’s name is Mime. She is due to have her first calf in about 10 days. However just like in humans the change in pressure that comes with storms tends to bring on labor. I wouldn’t be surprised if she calved this weekend. I hope her calf is as pretty as she is.

The perfect warm up meal. Chicken and Dumplings. I made this the other day and tried to find the dumpling recipe that I have used several times and love. But the internet was holding out on me and I had to use a different recipe that just wan’t as good. Do you have a great dumpling recipe to share? I am looking for a roll out dumpling. I have my grandma’s steam dumpling recipe and it’s awesome but sometimes I like the roll out kind.

5 thoughts on “Winter is here…

  1. Ryan Goodman says:

    Mmmm the dumplings look good. Stay warm up there, we’ve been having a wildly warm winter, only snow I’ve seen was in December while I was breeding cows just outside of Memphis.

  2. Steph says:

    Carrie the ends of our cement bunks were open and we just bolted on some boards to the end and the cows no longer walked in to the bunk. Unless of course they are jumping in from the side, then that won’t help much! The first picture was very pretty, something about a snowy scene!

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