Spring is here….. #NonDairyCarrie


April 23, 2012 by dairycarrie

Yay! Another #NonDairyCarrie post has arrived. I’ve always known that Spring was really here when I could smell the lilacs in the air, take a walk in the woods to look for morel mushrooms and pick asparagus for dinner.  My hub’s Aunt Cathy was kind enough to send me some of her thoughts on the arrival of spring time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

While this isn’t any of Hub’s family, it easily could have been…. if the tractor was older!

The weather has been rather unusual this spring season, but there are plenty of signs that it has arrived and is likely to stay for a while. I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin, then after my marriage nearly 50 years ago, spent decades helping my late husband on our farm in the northern part of the state. For me, lovely flowers, singing birds, lush lawns and other heralds of springtime were overshadowed by the surest sign of the season, as a call for help because a tractor had become mired down in a muddy field.

Truth be told, the ground may have been too wet to be worked and the place where the tractor was stuck was probably the same spot where the same problem had occurred in years past. However, hope springs eternal in the hearts of many people, including farmers, so I didn’t even try to urge my husband to wait a while before beginning spring field work or at least to avoid that particular location. His attitude toward that black, wet, gooey patch of field reminded me of the Uncle Remus story of “Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby” because it was a challenge and once stuck, he continued trying to conquer this situation until there was only one solution—get help. So, putting on my barn boots, I would refrain from saying “I told you so” and with some misgivings about the success of our efforts, go to the aid of my impatient spouse knowing that spring had truly begun.

What tells you that Spring has arrived?



2 thoughts on “Spring is here….. #NonDairyCarrie

  1. Steph says:

    That tractor looks pretty well stuck in the mud! At least now there is the convenience of cell phones for when they get stuck instead of having to walk all the way home!! By the time they find help not only were the mad cause they were stuck they were mad because they had to walk so far!!!!! We have one spot in a hay field that even in dry years it still seems to be a sink hole and lo and behold “somone” always has to try to drive the haymower through it!! I am a big fan of lilacs so I am/was really excited to see them coming early this year, except for the part that they will be done and over with soon! Spring has arrived when we don’t have to put on our Carharts to go outside, and the loads of laundry just happen to get a big smaller!

  2. Karin Peterson says:

    I remember that back spot in the field across the road as Dad’s downfall. The tractor was stuck there every year spring and fall. The tractor should be a Case, then it would be perfect.

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