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September 11, 2012 by dairycarrie

am a music lover. If there isn’t music playing from my computer, car radio, phone or TV you can bet that I have a song stuck in my head. Music makes my day go faster. It helps me unwind after a long day with the cows or a day filled with people I don’t really care for. So when my favorite band, The Departed released their new single ‘Worth The Fight’ yesterday, the same day my blog reached 25,000 views, I figured that maybe it was a sign that I’m on the right track.

Worth The Fight Lyrics
(Canada, James, Plato)

What am I doin’
Same old place
Must be something
In my way
Gotta keep movin’
Can’t help myself
Just wanna be someone
Somewhere else
Got me wandering
Round all night
Hard to worry
If it’s worth the fight
Feel like burnin’
Down this town
Kickin’ and swinging
All the way down
Fast and pretty
Safe and sound
Sweet like cherry
Inside out
Kept on pushing
Till we got it right
Far from easy
But worth the fight
The line, “far from easy, but worth the fight” stuck in my brain. Now of course Cody isn’t standing up there singing about blogging about your farm and tweeting about tractors. But let me tell you there are days, days where I have been called every name in the book, where I wonder if putting my life out there on line is really worth it. When I run into friends at the grocery store and they roll their eyes at me about my multiple facebook updates each day or some old crabby farmer tells me that it’s a big waste of time, I wonder. Why do I do this crap? Why do I take time out of my overly full day to write and tweet? Because of a few little words I learned many years ago as a city kid growing up without a clue where my food came from…

“I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds – achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.”  -The FFA Creed

I believe that the future of agriculture, the very future of our food supply rests in my hands and the hands of the people I met at AgChat, the people out there on twitter, facebook and youtube, sharing their lives. The internet farmers that aren’t just playing Farmville. If we don’t share our story of how we are farming today for a future of better days through better ways for everybody, someone else is going to tell our story for us.
Think I am wrong? Think that farmers behind computers are just wasting their time? Sorry I can’t hear you, I’ve got my music up too loud.
What do you do that’s far from easy, but worth the fight? If you’re on twitter use #worththefight to tell everyone what is Worth The Fight to you!

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  2. Jim Richards says:

    Hell Ya! Cool video,,wait, it’s mine. Thanks for using it. Pass it along.

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  10. Thanks for your energetic work to educate the public about agriculture. I believe that we, the farmers, ranchers, agronomists, animal scientists, veterinarians and more have a solem duty to help feed the world. We can only do this with scientifically based, intensly managed, humanly grown and ecologically aware agriculture. As an animal scientist, and a dairy production and management specialist I feel that this means conventional agriculture that continuously adapts to the realities of our world.

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