Learning to love the awkward and embarrassing parts.


November 28, 2012 by dairycarrie

Let’s step away from all of the farm talk for a minute and change pace around here. Recently, (not really, I’ve know about this for years) it has come to my attention that I tend to make odd faces when I talk, which translates into some awkward photos. I have realized this even more so in the past few years thanks to facebook allowing people to tag me in photos that they took. Photos that I didn’t get to edit myself before posting. Now I could let the photos that show a double chin (I say “a double chin” instead of “my double chin” because I am not claiming it!) get me down on myself. Instead of beating myself up I just shake my head and laugh… You’re welcome to laugh with me.

I started young. This is my 3rd Grade class photo. I am the one in the bottom right with the bad perm and the totally spaced out look on my face. Now to be fair, the perm wasn’t my idea. After looking at this photo again, I wonder what the other photos that didn’t make the year book looked like.

I can’t dance, which is why I am not dancing in this photo. I am doing my impression of a t-rex. Rawwwr.

I swear the photographer told me to do whatever it is that I am doing in this photo. This may be why my closest friends have all eloped. They wanted to save me the embarrassment of wedding photos where I look like this.

In one day at the Small Town #140 Conference I managed to have several stellar photos taken. I spent several days before this event stressing out about what I should wear on stage. Turns out I nailed the outfit (or as close as I ever get to nailing an outfit) but I should have spent those days working on keeping my hands from making inappropriate gestures.

This is a smile. Or I may be thinking about biting. Who really knows?

Here I am obviously talking about adding just a pinch of something to something or something.

And here I am obviously talking about a ball sack.

Oh well…. at least I didn’t trip down the stairs….

All of those photos are bad but I am pretty sure this photo is the most awkward and ultimately hilarious photo I have ever taken. Poor placement of the milk jugs and a pucker on my face and then throw in a cow or two. Best part is, this photo went out in a newsletter to farmers all around Wisconsin. You just can’t take me anywhere.

So what’s the point of me sharing horrible photos of myself? Obviously it isn’t vanity! Like most people I am not as confident as I would like to be. The list of things I would change about my appearance is a mile long. But if I can take a minute and laugh at the absurd photos of myself and not feel down about how I look, I will in the end become the more confident person I want to be.

So let’s all get comfortable in our own skin and celebrate the awkward and embarrassing photos. Share your most awkward photo of yourself on my facebook page and I will pick someone to win a some amazing cheese and a paper bag to put over your head the next time a camera is around.

Keep smiling!

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30 thoughts on “Learning to love the awkward and embarrassing parts.

  1. I am laughing with you, not at you. Every time I see that last photo I laugh so hard I cry!! Now for me to dig up some winners

  2. Nice jugs! C’mon, you know I had to say it. HA! Love these pics. You’re a doll.

  3. Thank you for this post! The last picture brought tears to my eyes from giggling.

  4. Gloria Moss says:

    Wow.. the last two pictures are definitely the best! 🙂 Haha! 🙂

  5. I love this. The photos, the message, the moral of the story. Great post, Carrie, and thanks for sharing!

  6. Sandra Spann says:

    What travels faster than the speed of light? A woman untagging herself from a Facebook photo that makes her look fat. Seriously though….I do need to get in front of the camera more so when it comes time for my daughter to make a photo memory board of me at my funeral she isn’t cursing up a storm due to my vanity. And I’ll look for some…I know I have several.

  7. I agree Carrie. The reality is we all have our less than flattering photos (though none of mine include milk pitchers — that kills me EVERYTIME I SEE IT!) I figure the unflattering ones just go in with the rest. Maybe I will look up some of mine too. I love making faces…. started very early in like LOL

  8. Great post!! I make a habit of not being in pictures, but that is mainly because I am always taking them. I think I have one to send you though. My son took it, so don’t laugh!!!!!

  9. Jodi says:

    OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! This is hilarious and exactly why I think you are awesome!!!

  10. Jen says:

    I too suffer from awkward photo-itis. Thanks for reminding us that it’s alright to embrace it! 😉

  11. Michelle Canfield says:

    You are too sweet, so funny. What I really want to know is why is there a person to your left in the last picture who looks like she’s wearing lingerie and boots, leading a cow?? There are just so many things going on in that photo!

  12. Darleen says:

    Bahahaha This is great! Thank You so much for the reminder to embrace the embarrassment. I sure know I am not always photogenic!

  13. capriox says:

    The pucker in the last photo looks a lot like you were going “moo” when the photo was taken! Love the idea of this challenge!

  14. Cathy Sivak says:

    The jugs picture is seriously my most favorite. How could it not be? lololol. And, your points about awkward photos are ‘picture perfect.’ We’ve all got ’em.

  15. […] Learning to love the awkward and embarrassing parts. […]

  16. Marion Venema says:

    From the absolute master of awkward photographs (that’s why I take ’em, to make sure I can stay out of them): a sincere and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ for this post. Made me smile 🙂

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