The next chapter starts …… Now.


December 18, 2012 by dairycarrie

Sunset on our farm.

I’ve set this post up to publish at the same time as I am starting down the next fork in the road. I shouldn’t make it sound like I am the only one on this journey, my husband is very much by my side on this particular journey. But this morning he is at work in town and…..

At this very moment I am milking cows. Probably doesn’t seem odd for me to be milking. I mean I call myself “Dairy Carrie”, milking cows has to be part of that doesn’t it? Well for me, yes, milking cows is something that I want as part of my life but for the past 2.5 years it really hasn’t been. Hubs and I have kept as much of a presence in daily farm things as we possibly could and tried every path we could find that would lead us beck towards our ultimate goal of dairy farming full time. But the animals we own are being milked by other people right now and we have been mostly feeding calves and taking care of dry cows on a part time basis. I blogged about our journey and the situation we found ourselves stuck in a little bit here and here. The entire time we have been off the farm we have kept looking for a new place to start our future and we continually ran into road blocks. To the point where we became incredibly discouraged and felt like maybe dairy farming isn’t what we would end up doing. There just didn’t seem to be a way.

Fast forward to today. This morning I am milking cows. I am milking cows that I know, mostly the daughters of the cows that taught me to love dairy cows. Despite the deep hurt and pain that left us with no farm to call our own when family issues caused Hubs and I to leave his parent’s farm, this morning I am once again milking on their farm. Changes in life have made an opening where there had been nothing but solid walls. We are still not sure what lays beyond the opening, we’re taking baby steps, but this morning I am milking cows again. I finally feel the piece of the puzzle sliding into place. I don’t know why the path to this point has been so very, very difficult but here we are at the start of the next chapter. So while I milk the cows this morning I ask you to send up some good thoughts for us. We’re going to need them as we figure out what the next step means for us.

Sorry to disappoint the neighborhood rumor mill, but farm is not for sale, we hope to keep the family farm rolling into the future.

Wish us luck, we’re going to need it and order extra cheese on that pizza, would ya?

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42 thoughts on “The next chapter starts …… Now.

  1. Gloria Moss says:

    I was so hoping you we’re havin a baby…. Lol. But I’m glad y’all worked things out, try not to kill anyone. I love you! 🙂

  2. Great News Carrie. All the best on the new Adventure for Dairy Carrie.

  3. brandibuzzard says:

    Good luck!

  4. J. Rhoades says:

    Good luck to you guys! My husband recently started working full time for his dad on the farm this year, and although things are going great right now and we all get along well, I’m always worried about something like this in the back of my mind. Your in my thoughts Carrie!

  5. Becky says:

    Glad to hear this, Carrie. I know there is a lot to work out. The best piece of wisdom I can share is already familiar to you: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone,” (Romans 12:18). You can do it, as long as all of you rely on the Grace you’ve all freely received & freely give!

  6. Carrie, We went down a hard road too, but I have learned that everything happens for a reason. What you learned in the tough times will help you make it through what life has to bring as you move forward. I don’t know your whole story but here are some things I learned from the tough times 1) I learned from how I was treated to not treat others the same way. 2) I learned that I could not raise my children to be passionate about our farming way of life and then tell them how rotten they are at it later because of a personal refusal to change 3) God has a way of answering the prayers and things we ask for, just differently than we originally pictured it. Best wishes of abundant calves and high quality milk!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I truly believe with God all things are possible! I don’t think as humans we can predict what’s ahead, but I respect being open. Good for both sides for being willing to reopen doors.
    Praying for people you really don’t like on a regular basis will completely change the way you think about them too!

  8. Stephany says:

    Congrats Carrie and Pat! May God bless you as you head out on this new path! Good luck and happy milking! I believe just about every family has had the rough patch in life, you are not alone, it actually happens more that one would think! I pray that everything gets worked out for the best of everyone involved ! 🙂 P.S. Hate those rumor mills…. they have run around on us for a while too every now and then, I know all to well how that feels!

  9. Glen Groth says:

    Congratulations Carrie! I’m glad things are working out!

  10. Megan Brown says:

    Congrats Carrie! I know all about family drama, and I really hope everything works out for you! I’m here if you ever need to talk.

  11. Megan says:

    I’ve got your 6! You will be amazing!

  12. zweberfarms says:

    Yeah! I am sooo excited this finally is a reality. Since I am first learning about this here, that means we haven’t talked for a few weeks. We need to change that ASAP.

  13. Yaaaayyy! Congrats, Carrie, and good luck. You deserve as much cow in your life as possible, my friend!

  14. Timothy D. Klaustermeier says:

    Best of luck! Life is a great journey, especially with cows!

  15. Jim Briggs says:

    Having walked away from my lifelong dream of running my familys dairy farm/processing plant, I know all to well the family issues amd then trying to find a way to start over.
    Hope all works out well for you and Good Luck on your next chapter!!

  16. Pam says:

    Good luck! The time may be right for you now. I have to tell you that my husband and I are following our dream of our own dairy, we are 55 and 56, its never too late. We bought our farm in 1996 from his grandparents, cows haven’t been milked here since the 60’s when grandpa milked in cans. We built a freestall barn in 2007, before the curbs and freestalls were put in we decided it wasn’t going to work out with dairy and the barn was set up for our beef cows, and we calved and sold the dairy heifers we had bought and their calves. We paid off our farm in 2010, signed for a parlor loan 2 months ago, have all the cement and the roof and some siding and windows in the building, we have 62 heifers that will start calving in August, have have 44 calves 3-7 months old. Ironically my husband lost his job at a 3000 cow dairy where he had been employed for almost 17 yrs. We had began excavation the week he was let go and the lender said no problem, of course they have our ground as collateral! We are going for it, no stopping now! I pray things work out for you.

  17. beth says:

    Ah the life of a dairy farmer. Kudos to you for getting in the pit. Prayers to you and yours on this new chapter.

  18. Robyn says:

    A Leap of Faith means hurtling in to the unknowing ….and knowing, in our hearts, that we will make it to the other side.

    Good Luck to you Miss Carrie.

  19. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    Keep your eyes to the ground – focusing on keeping one foot stepping in front of the other. And shoot those photos, along the way! Before you know it… the end of the year will come. And you can look back through those photos… for the most wonderful surprise and feeling of accomplishment! Sometimes… living in the middle of it is like owning a calf….hard to realize how much things change on a daily basis!

    It’ll be okay. To come full circle is to be blessed with a security in knowing you were never lost, nor off the road already chosen for you.

    Merry Christmas!

  20. carolyncares says:

    Wishing you lots of patience, and happier times. Congratulations on this next chapter!

  21. Jackie says:

    My prayer when i need help dealing with ppl is lord i cant change them please change me. Hang tite lady1 it will work as god sees fit. Jackie & kiss

  22. Iain Robson says:

    I am glad that you decided to stick with it. It is never easy to figure what the future will hold.

    I am in the process of making a hard decision. I mean leaving the city and heading back to country to start farming isn’t really an easy decision to make. That is a different story altogether.

    Happy holidays

  23. Diana says:

    I’m terribly late to this one, but just wanted to tell you I’ve got everything crossed for you. Been there, done that… still doing that continually it seems… with the roadblocks. Stay strong. At some point we’ll be the old farmers who have it all figured out, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

  24. Carrie,
    Best wishes. I did not realize we were in the same boat with caring for calves, dry cows, and for me bull calves. Where do you live? Maybe we could visit. Can you share my email address with Jim?

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