Fast and Delicious Fruit Coffee Cake


January 11, 2013 by dairycarrie

Fruit Biscuit cake

Get in my belly!

So for those of you who really need exact and precise recipes to follow… this isn’t one of them. Instead consider this an idea guide with a few tips because this is the kind of recipe that calls for experimenting! Pretty hard to screw it up so let down your girdle and get a little wild….

First you need some fruit, I’ve done this with apples and blueberries, in the photo here I  have pears, raisins and a few blackerries. I think peaches would be awesome, cherries divine, what sounds good to you? Try it out.

Take your fruit, you want a good amount, like 2-3 cups worth and put it in a sauce pan with some butter, probably about 2 Tbs. Add a little cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract, almond extract, maybe a splash of orange juice or some orange zest, whatever sounds like it goes well with the fruit you have picked out. Cook your fruit until it it’s softened a little but don’t cook it until it’s mush. If you’re using berries or a soft fruit you can skip this step and just dot the fruit with the butter and spices or extract.

While that is cooking turn your oven on bake at 375 and take out your Bundt cake pan… this is one thing that may not be interchangeable in this recipe, and spray it with some not stick or brush it with butter, just make it non stick-able. Take out your brown sugar and sprinkle about 1/3 of a cup in the bottom of the pan.

When your fruit is done cooking pour it (with the juice it’s made) on top of the sugar in the pan and arrange it so that it’s even all the way around the pan. Then pull out a can of biscuits, the “Whop pop” variety as my friend Ryan calls them. I like the flaky layers variety personally. Pop open your biscuits and arrange them on top of the fruit, they should overlap each other ever so slightly. If you are feeling fancy you can take each biscuit and toss it in a cinnamon and sugar mixture until its coated on all sides before you put them in the pan.

Pop that pan into the oven and bake it for about 20 minutes or until the biscuits look done. Here is the hardest part of the recipe. Walk away from the pan and leave it alone for a good 15 minutes, 30 minutes would be better but I have no self control so why would I expect you to have it? At this point your kitchen is going to smell amazing and it’s going to be hard to resist but leave it be, you want the brown sugar and the juices to set up just a little bit. When you have waited as long as you possibly can take a big platter and put it on top of the pan, then carefully flip the whole thing over. You should feel the cake release right away, if you don’t let the pan sit upside down for a minute. If you still don’t feel it release you probably forgot to grease your pan. Lift the pan off and the fruit and juice/syrup/goodness will kind of slide down around the biscuits and make it look all kinds of amazing. Serve it up while it’s still warm. I highly suggest serving with some whipped cream of ice cream.



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Fruit Coffee Cake Shopping List-

Fruit(s) of some sort.


Brown Sugar

Vanilla or Almond extract or Orange Juice


1 can of Biscuits

Whipping cream to make (Surprise!) whipped cream, because Cool-Whip can’t hold a candle to real whipped cream and this blog isn’t called Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Carrie.

Vanilla ice cream. It really doesn’t have to be one or the other with ice cream and whipped cream, trust me.

Pears, raisins and blackberries with cinnamon sugar tossed biscuits.

Pears, raisins and blackberries with cinnamon sugar tossed biscuits. The photo isn’t blurry, there is steam rising off the cake… I didn’t wait very long to flip it out of the pan. I have zero self control when it comes to delicious treats… and cute cow purchasing… or boots… Let’s just leave it at I have zero self control.

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5 thoughts on “Fast and Delicious Fruit Coffee Cake

  1. teresa says:

    Wow, this looks delish! Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Jackie says:

    Gosh that looks great! While i am here could i ask u 2 please write about how dairy farmers feed different age groups and dry cows in a drought. We have no hay in mich. I feed the horses beet pulp to stretch hay 4 now.

    • dairycarrie says:

      We have been pretty lucky in that we should have just enough feed to cover our needs without having to purchase very much. We are looking at other feed options to supplement if the hay crop isn’t ready on time.

  3. Jackie says:

    Show cows are getting extra siladge & a little less hay. Calves are all u can eat hay everything else gets siladge.

  4. LOL! This is the most entertaining recipe I’ ve ever read. We don’ t have “can of biscuits” here in Turkey, but I’ ll improvise… it looks yummy and I could almost smell it from here… Thanks 🙂

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