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Dear Mr. Gosling.


Dear Mr Gosling, Yesterday when I woke up early in the morning before milking cows, I was alerted to your letter, which I took to be on behalf of PETA, to the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) in regards to the practice of dehorning cattle. As a dairy farmer who has often been on the […] Read more…

Picking out a boyfriend for Norma. AKA choosing a bull to breed my cow to.


So Norma has reached the point in time in her life where she would like to¬†experience¬†the love of another bovine. Actually since Norma calved back in early August she has had 3 instances of these carnal cravings also known as showing a heat. A cow cycles about every 21 days. These “episodes” feature her “riding” […] Read more…