This is a smile. Or I may be thinking about biting. Who really knows?

This is a smile. Or I may be thinking about biting. Who really knows?

I wanted to write up a new bio but writing something witty to describe myself is hard. So I asked my friends to give me one word that they would use to describe me. This is the list, cheese was repeated several times.

Caring, Knowledgeable, Rumchata, Cheesey (as in the food), Doer, Authentic, True to yourself, Passionate, Respected, Irreplacable, Beautiful (My hubs), Amazing, Crazy, Lively, Audacious, Dazzling, Dedicated, Determined, Multitasker, Credible, ADD, Boothound, Friend, Eclectic, Impulsive, Awesome, Badass, Cheeseaholic, CrazyCarrie, George (Inside joke), Kinetic, Ambitious, Un-ignorable, Late, Funny.

I guess all I have to add is that I love agriculture, in particular dairy cows, more than it is normal. Hubs and I are working with his parents on their 100 cow dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin. I am honest, frank and have the smallest brain to mouth filter known to mankind. I like beer. Please ask me your questions, I want to hear from you. I respect differing viewpoints but if you’re a jerk I will delete your comments, because this is my blog and I can do that.

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