A few more reasons to love RumChata.


June 18, 2012 by dairycarrie

Christmas around my family is always a good time. This past Christmas my Aunt introduced me to one of my new favorite thing, RumChata. RumChata is a blend of Rum and Horchata with a good dash of 100% pure awesome. After enjoying RumChata with my family, I announced that I liked it so much that I would most likely name my first born child after it. The next day I realized how silly that RumChata induced statement was, mostly because kids aren’t on our radar. However, the very next week I went to an auction and …..

RumChata the Cow.

So why in the world would I name a cow after an adult beverage? Because it really is that good and the best part is, RumChata’s  creaminess comes from real dairy cream. I love this new “You must be 21 or older” twist on getting my daily dairy intake, so in honor of June Dairy Month I sent an email to the folks at RumChata and they were kind enough to give me the lowdown on this delicious dairy treat.

If you haven’t tried RumChata I can best describe it’s taste as the milk leftover after a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal infused with rum. I highly recommend you, so long as you are of legal drinking age, go and get yourself a bottle. Do it now, you can thank me later. If you’re stuck sitting at work and can’t possibly get away until after 5, read this interview with Tom Maas, the founder and master blender at RumChata, then go.

Tom, TJ and Duane Mass in the Rumchata bottling plant.

When was RumChata launched? I had never heard of it before this Christmas and now it seems like everyone has gone RumChata crazy!
October 2009 we shipped the first cases out in limited quantities.  Once we had RumChata in various markets we personally worked in each market to get it noticed by bars and restaurants.  Once they tasted RumChata and witnessed their customers’ reaction,  they realized what a special product this is and it really started to take off.
Is Rumchata available everywhere?

49 States in the US right now and some Duty Free operators in the Caribbean.

One of the main ingredients to Rumchata is cream and that cream comes from WI dairy cows, which is awesome! Do you buy the cream as an ingredient or do you have farmers that ship milk directly to you?

We work with a very large commercial dairy in Neenah, WI and they ensure that the rum and cream are perfectly homogenized together so that the finished product is very stable.  This homgenization of dairy and alcohol allows the product to be kept without refrigeration required.

How much cream do you go through in a day/week/month?
We are using about 40,000 gallons per month right now and the product is continuing to grow every day.  We expect we will be at 75,000 gallons per month by the end of the year.
In my mind Rumchata was developed by a rum loving Wisconsin dairy farmer, any truth to that?

RumChata was created by a person with deep Wisconsin roots who also has had a very long tenure in the liquor business.   I (Tom Maas) worked on a dairy farm in Shawano County for several years when I was growing up.  After getting a degree from the University of Wisconsin I started a 35 year career in the liquor business.  After retiring from Jim Beam in 2005 I created RumChata putting all of these years of experience to good use.

I like Rumchata on the rocks and I love it blended with ice cream. What’s your favorite way to drink Rumchata?
With fresh made espresso in two ways…sip a little with a cup of espresso…or make a shot of espresso,  chill it toroom temperature and combine it over ice with 2 oz of RumChata.  It is the best tasting iced coffee you will ever drink…
A huge thanks to Tom for taking the time to answer my questions. I would like to offer my services if you ever need an official taste tester or anything, you know just putting that out there. Excuse me while I go and brew some coffee, I have something I want to try out…

I decided the other day that there could be one improvement to RumChata, so I got out my Sharpie marker and customized my bottle and told Hubs that is was my special June Dairy Month edition and he needed to go buy his own.

 How would you customize your RumChata bottle? Get out your markers and post your photo on the DairyCarrie Facebook page. The best looking RumChata bottle will win…. Wisconsin Cheese!

25 thoughts on “A few more reasons to love RumChata.

  1. jenabet says:

    why did you not color your RumChata like RumChata (the cow)?

  2. Mandy Deveno says:

    You better have a bottle ready to go for me when I come home!

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    • Carol says:

      Two shots of Rum Chata with a Not Your Fathers Rootbeer or just a plain Rootbeer. Either way is super delicious!

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  5. Cards01 says:

    Love it!,, hard to purchase however, plead get it to Illinois!

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  7. Howard says:

    Rum Chata is awesome but the price needs to come down.$24. a bottle is steep.People would buy more of it if the price would come down. FACT!

  8. John says:

    This is something I actually need to try. A Salvadorian friend of mine made me some Horchata and I put a lot of rum in it and it tasted really great. However, I saw a recipe on Tumblr a while back where someone put half a shot of Fireball Whiskey and used Rumchata as a layer over it. I can only imagine how the palate would feel tasting a light liqueur then a crazy, hot sensation from the fireball or vice versa.

  9. Kristy Johnson says:

    We want RumChata in Canada – Please — get your name out there to the LCBO in Ontario beacuse importing it one bottle at a time is expensive and difficult 🙂

  10. Stacyelle says:

    I have given up coffee and made the switch to tea drink–I have been making what I call
    Chai-Chata that gives sipping tea a whole new feeling. I just seep my chai tea, then add an ounce or so of RumChata and relaxation settles over me.

  11. i absolutely love this stuff!! i am making baked french toast with rum chata and it smells delish!! can’t wait to taste it!! 😉

  12. Nita says:

    Just tried this last night chilled with root beer. Best root beer float I ever tried!

  13. Terry says:

    Please send Rumchata to Maui! I miss it. Just moved here from KC Missouri

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  15. Carla says:

    Ha! I had this for the first time tonight, searched it, and your link was on the first page!! Yes, so tasty! : )

  16. Dawn says:

    I LOVE Rumchata!! enough said!

  17. Katherine says:

    RumChata is the worst thing I have ever tasted! As soon as it hit my tongue, it was all over. My friend gave me some at Thanksgiving yesterday. I only had a couple ounces in my cup and had to choke that down. Then they put it in the hot chocolate without me realizing it until I had a cup. I had to choke the hot chocolate down. My face was beet red, and the taste was so terrible it made me shudder. RumChata is a horrible cream liquor!

  18. Jean says:

    I first tried it a couple of weeks ago in Nashville When the barmaid in Doc Holiday bar recommended having a bit in my vodka coke..loved it straight away and bought a bottle in a liquor store to bring home to the UK..Keep having a sneaky sip every now an then but going to have it on the rocks at the weekend….love it…..

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