1. Join us in giving Farm Toys for Tots!


    November 19, 2015 by dairycarrie

    Farm Toys for Tots

    Recently there has been a big stink raised online by some animal rights activists over this toy that Walmart sells. …
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  2. Normande cows in Normandy France.

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    November 9, 2015 by dairycarrie

    Normande Cows.

    Sometimes it takes me a while to get posts up. Sometimes a while is more than a year. In September …
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  3. Humans of Agriculture- Jenn’s Story.


    October 27, 2015 by dairycarrie

    Meet Jenn Zeller.

    Humans of Agriculture- Jenn’s Story. “The abuse is so slight in the beginning, you seriously think you’re losing your mind. …
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  4. The summer of 2015 has changed our farm and family forever.


    October 19, 2015 by dairycarrie

    Grandma getting to hold her grandson for the first time.

    This summer has been hectic. For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds, you may …
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  5. Humans of Agriculture- Alise’s Story.


    April 7, 2015 by dairycarrie

    Meet Alise Sjostrom.

    Humans of Agriculture- Alise’s Story. “This is what I always hoped I would do. I never thought it would happen …
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  6. The Underdog.


    March 3, 2015 by dairycarrie


      This week the number 1 album on the Billboard Country charts is by an artist that many of you …
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